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Our team is well-versed in the entire waterproofing and masonry process, from beginning (consulting, estimating, budgeting, and design) through completion. We’re here to guide you every step of the way!
Masonry & Concrete Restoration
Joint Sealants
Protective Coatings
Foundation Membranes
Eagle Ridge Contracting partners with businesses and organizations of all types to keep the exterior of their buildings both looking good and functioning properly. Years of exposure to the elements can lead to the accumulation of unsightly dirt and deposits from the atmosphere. Over time this detracts from the overall appearance of your building. Eagle Ridge can provide you with the proper cleaning methods and techniques to restore the beauty of your structure.   Perhaps your building’s façade has suffered deterioration to the point where leaks are evident.  You may be in need of masonry repointing, resealing of the joints around the perimeter of window frames or expansion joints within the building façade. Advanced deterioration may require the replacement of brick or the repairing of stone and other masonry elements. The team at Eagle Ridge has the knowledge and experience to complete these types of repairs in a professional manner using the latest technology and materials that are available in our industry.
Our Clients Include...
Over the years, we have completed projects for many churches and educational facilities including both private and public universities. Recent projects also include hospitals, manufacturing facilities and parking structures. Eagle Ridge has also successfully completed the restoration of buildings that are on the historical register. Questions? We’d be happy to discuss possible solutions for your business. Call our team today at (570) 758-2085.
• Universities
• Churches
• Corporations
• Hospitals
• Businesses
• Historic Buildings